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Dart Backboards are Important

22nd September 2010
This is one of the reasons you should have bought a backboard for the dartboard. Repairing the chips and damage done to a wood or plasterboard wall can be quite tricky, depending on the severity of the damage it can also be quite expensive (imagine if you... Read >
Author: robingriggs

How to Lose Your Ex in 7 Days Or Less! Keep Making These Mistakes, and You Will Definitely Do It!

07th September 2010
Do you want to lose your ex in 7 days? Well if you do, then by all means, keep on making these mistakes, otherwise if you want to pull your ex back, you must STOP and AVOID these mistakes at all costs! Read on to find out the 7 mistakes which will make... Read >
Author: Russell Jackson

A Cold, The Flu Or Something More Serious

08th May 2009
Getting a cold or the flu is a common problem. We often go to extremes to ensure that we don't get sick; but the inevitable will happen, and life will be unpleasant for a few days. You can't catch the same cold or flu virus twice, but they are constantly ... Read >
Author: S Porter

The ninth house of Indian astrology is the father of houses

21st November 2008
Ninth House In Indian astrology, Nava (ninth); Acharva (guru or preceptor); Pithru (father); Subham (auspicious); Poorva bhagyam (Previous luck); Pooja(worship): Tapas (Penance); Dharma (Virtue) ; Pauthra (grndson); Japa(prayer) ; Daiva Upasana (spiritu... Read >
Author: sudhanshuraaj
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