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Knowledge about Tahitian pearls

25th July 2011
Black pearls, frequently referred to as BlackTahitian Pearl, are speciality products from salt lakes in French Polynesia. Myths tells us that Oro, the Tahitian god of war created the pearl and gave it all the colours of the rainbow. He wanted to gain ... Read >
Author: Tina

Wolf Tattoo Images - Symbols of Courage

06th April 2011
Wolf tattoo designs are made really often nowadays. More than that, if earlier they were spread normally among men, now they are made by both men and women. These types of tattoo designs are generally important but their interpretation varies substantial... Read >
Author: articlenew12

Ares: God of Bloodlust

24th July 2009
Ares is generally known as the god of war, or warfare, but the more accurate description would be the god of bloodlust, or slaughter. Though Ares is known for his enforcement of civil order, his strategies and tactics were violent, and often fueled by unc... Read >
Author: submitterm
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