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Steps to Saving Energy with Air Conditioning

20th July 2012
Though it may seem the total opposite of an energy-saving device, especially during the sweltering summer months, air conditioners can actually save you lots of energy at homewhile keeping you cool during the summer months. Given how extreme the temper... Read >
Author: Jane Anne Arthur

Painting Without Roller Marks and Brush Marks

22nd June 2011
Most ready made paints are created for certain average conditions which generally do not exist on the day you choose to do your painting! The result of that is the paint does not flow out well to leave a smooth finish and you end up with ugly roller marks... Read >
Author: Brendan C Igoe

Hisense Air Conditioning "Ding" series DC inverter new appearance - Hisense, air conditioning, frequ

25th February 2011
Recently, Gome, Suning Appliance Chain two giant also issued a White Paper on air conditioning industry in 2007, this year's air conditioner market has done a thorough analysis, and the trend is predicted. Two White Papers in predicting this year's consum... Read >
Author: tyu

Digital wall clock with temperature humidity

31st August 2010
The digital wall clock is something which is now seen everywhere nowadays though it is a relatively new phenomenon. It was in 1972 that the earliest watch with digital display was invented, about twenty years after the invention of the first electronic cl... Read >
Author: sheena

The Projection Alarm Clock

06th August 2010
The Projection Alarm Clock Clocks have come a long way since the invention of the first mechanical alarm clock, which featured a ringing bell. Clocks started mostly as mechanical artifacts, with cogs, wheels and levers moving in tandem to tell the ti... Read >
Author: john

Clocks That Read the Weather

20th November 2009
A weather station clock provides all the information you need to know what is going on every morning. The device combines a typical clock with measurements for the current indoor/outdoor temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity levels. High-end weat... Read >
Author: Mercy
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