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All About .Net Framework

08th October 2012
The main objective behind .Net framework was to develop a tool,which would build and run XML web services and applications of next generation. Primarily designed for Windows,this framework provides a coherent object oriented programming environment,in whi... Read >
Author: Daniel

Components of Operating System

31st January 2012
A brief description about the components of operating system is given below. 1. Process Management: The most important task of operating system is to manage and monitor different processes executing in the computer. Generally, a program in execution... Read >
Author: Imran Zafar

.Net Interview Questions on Garbage Collection

14th December 2010
Garbage Collection in .Net .Net Framework's -Memory Management Garbage Collector which manages allocation and release of memory from application.Now developers no need to worry about memory allocated for each object which is created on application . garb... Read >
Author: gdrealspace

Missing or Corrupt ntoskrnl.exe file

13th May 2009
In Windows NT based operating systems, ntoskrnl.exe runs as a critical process in the boot-up cycle of your computer. It is the kernel image for operating system and is responsible for system services like memory management, hardware virtualization. ntosk... Read >
Author: sourabh rana

Partition Loss in Windows Due to Missing or Corrupt Ntoskrnl.exe File

03rd February 2009
Ntoskrnl.exe is a kernel image file for Microsoft Windows NT series' operating systems. It offers the executive layers and kernel of Windows NT kernel space. It is also responsible for several system services like memory management, process management and... Read >
Author: Andrew Juan

Housatonic Microsoft Project Viewer HPV SOLO/PC 2007 Released

02nd April 2007
Viewer Central Inc. releases SOLO/PC Microsoft Project Viewer 2007 with complete support for Office 2007 project files and significant improvements in user business functionality and system performance. Pittsfield, MA USA January 17, 2007 - Viewer Cen... Read >
Author: ProjectViewerCentral
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