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Car Buying Guide 3 Series BMW Touring Car Review

30th July 2012
BMW 3 Touring is a great saloon car with sharp handling, detailed steering and a range of strong motors. A few critics say that you can find bigger estate cars for the price of BMW 3 Touring cars. However, BMW gives adequate attributes in BMW3 to attract ... Read >
Author: brettmichaelwllms

When you buy a used bmw 1 series car

03rd November 2009
Buying a used car can have potential pitfalls - but it needn't be a painful experience if you follow a simple set of rules and checks. My article provide you a used car buying guide, which aims to provide all the advice and information to make the right c... Read >
Author: qautopr

Check Car Mileage on your own

01st May 2009
Now it is official. You can easily check a car model's mileage in few seconds. Society of Indian Auto Manufacturers or (SIAM) officially released the mileage list for all the car models in India. So whatever says the dealer or anyone else, you just check ... Read >
Author: myindiaguide

BMW Loudspeakers for 3 series and 5 series model Vehicles

27th March 2009
BMW loudspeakers are available for this versions: BMW 3 Series 1992-1998 (E36) BMW 3 Series 1999-2001 (E46) BMW 5 Series 1995-2003 (E39) BMW 3 Series 1992-1998 (E36): BMW 3 Series 1992-1998 (E36) speakers are designed by the Rainbow Audio Componen... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

BMW 3 Series-E46 High Quality Sound system

25th March 2009
The Specifications of the BMW 3 series -E46 audio package system: 2 way speaker output: The speakers produce sound from two ways due to amplifier usage. Rear Speakers with high watts of output: The Rear speakers are of high watts to drive the sound ... Read >
Author: Robert Bell
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