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Medicare Cost Report

08th April 2010
Medicare is the Fed. health care insurance program which has been covering eligible folks who are sixty five years old or older since 1965. In addition, certain people with disabilities and those with end stage renal illness ( ESRD ) and Amyotrophic Late... Read >
Author: Jimmy Graham

Anesthesia Demand

05th February 2010
The supply of Anesthesiologists may not be meeting the demand for services creating shortages. Some medical schools are increasing their enrollments based on this. Further, this shortage of personnel makes it harder for hospitals to terminate contracts wi... Read >
Author: Robert

Caring For The Elderly Parents

15th December 2008
Like a child who has noted a new exciting plaything, this essay about caring for the elderly will open up a whole new world of excitement and wonder for you. In today's world it's not uncommon for people to live longer than their own parents did. Our popu... Read >
Author: Gnubas
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