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When Should You Replace the Serpentine Belt?

30th January 2012
And Why You Can’t Ignore it While there are no “hard and fast” rules as to when you should replace the serpentine belt in your vehicle, industry experts suggest you should start considering it around the 4th or 5th year of ownership. Belt failure, ... Read >
Author: Steve Helwig

Volkswagen Engines in the 90's

23rd August 2010
The 1990s saw Volkswagen engines in a state of transition. For almost fifty years, Volkswagen engines had been air cooled-a cooling method that employs a forced airflow directed towards a series of fins on the heads and cylinders of the engine, causing tr... Read >
Author: lowmileageengines.op@gmail.com

Diesel Pump and Diesel Engines.

28th April 2010
Diesel pump or as it is frequently known an injection pump typically is used to fuel a diesel engine, injection pumps can be used to supply fuel to a petrol motor also. A diesel pump, in the early engines, would have been powered by the engine using a ... Read >
Author: Andy C Gregory

Volkswagen Lupo Tuning - Tuning Of One of the Smallest and Lightest Models

25th November 2009
We will discuss the tuning of VW Lupo 3L TDI model. VW put all its efforts in making it world's first 3 Liter fuel consuming car. This car appears very tall, while width fairly extensive. It has a feminine look and plain all over. Here we will discuss th... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

10 Top Superchargers Questions Answered By The Supercharger Expert Don Hampton

26th November 2008
When it comes to information about Superchargers, Don Hampton owns the topic. As owner/operator of Hampton Blowers since 1957, Don's business has continued to grow. Always an innovator, Don's skills as a former Drag Racer, allowed him to add practical app... Read >
Author: kathybee13

Nostalgia Drag Racing

20th April 2006
Horsepower, Speed and Adrenaline are the first things that come to mind when I think of the sport of drag racing. Drag Racing started back in the early 1950's when guys with fast cars challenged others with fast cars to a race to see whose car was fast... Read >
Author: Jason Spence
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