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Trout Fishing Lures - The Irresistable Enticers

19th May 2011
Off with the notion that anyone with a hook, fishing line, and a rod-reel combo can simply cast in a trout habitation and catch trout fish. Itís time to get serious and produce consistent results. If you are going to catch trout, you should know that they... Read >
Author: Trevor

Californias Top Freshwater Fishing Spots

29th December 2008
If memories of your favorite vacation include fishing gear and long hours on a lake, why not share that legacy with your family? Everyone should know the thrill of pulling in a huge lake trout or swapping fish stories over a campfire! Give your kids the f... Read >
Author: Rob Pirozzi

Oklahoma's Central Region Fishing Report : A Freshwater Anglers Dream!

29th September 2008
Old School Crappie Fishing Family SecretsA unknown teritory to most anglers, Oklahoma is an outstanding freshwater fishery.The state is broken up into 5 regions which include the Central Region.There is a series of fisheries around Oklahoma City which inc... Read >
Author: Mark Fleagle

10 Trout Fishing Tips For Fishing At Strawberry Reservoir Utah

19th January 2008
Ask any angler and they will tell you that Strawberry Reservoir is Utah's most important trout fishery. More people cast their hooks into it's cool water than in any other lake in Utah. Their are a number of important factors which contribute to... Read >
Author: suziphillips

Gang Hooks Simply Catch More Fish

14th March 2007
For those of you who have never heard of the term "gang-hooks", it's probably time for you to take a closer look. A set of gang hooks is fairly simple to tie yourself, or you can buy them, the choice is yours. What's important is that you begin using them... Read >
Author: Trevor Kugler
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