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Teaching the Civil War Era with PowerPoint

15th September 2010
Planning lessons on the Civil War is a challenge for every instructor of U.S. history. It is a complex period, with many important points to cover. On top of that, it is a subject that may seem like ancient history to today’s iPhone wielding, tech-savvy s... Read >
Author: Peters Publishing

The Easy Way To Learn Spanish Fast

23rd March 2010
If you're looking for a fast and easy way to learn enough Spanish so that you carry on basic conversations, here are some tips to get you started. When first learning to speak, expect to make plenty of mistakes. If you are afraid to open your mouth and... Read >
Author: Deane Alban

The importance of Elearning

18th November 2008
Elearning has made leaps and bounds in the education system. The concept and the use of elearning were adapted in the mid 1980's by several institutes in the United States namely: the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, the New York Institute of Techno... Read >
Author: May Smith

Franklin Larousse Spanish English Translator

28th January 2008
Learning Spanish: Learn Business Spanish Online Learn To Speak Spanish Online For Free The faster you master the basics however the faster you will be conversing in Spanish. Another way to learn Spanish through the arts is by watching Spanish language... Read >
Author: Lori

Why Become an Avon Sales Rep

26th August 2005
I'm glad you're here, because that means you are thinking about becoming an Avon Sales Representative. If so - then I want you to "Join My Avon Team" - from anywhere in Canada. I know you have a lot of questions about becoming an Avon Sales Rep. Like: wh... Read >
Author: Elaine Alarie
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