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CRM Application Development Custom Management Software Delhi India

31st August 2012
CRM Software - A Single Face of the Organization CRM is nowadays a single interface to establish contact with your customers and various departments within and outside your organization. With high technology based software, we could manage right from... Read >
Author: Anil Bhat

Improve your Corporate Identity with A4 Folders

10th February 2012
Folders play a fundamental role in our lives from homes to offices, schools to universities. Every big to small working place requires the presence of folders. If we look around us in our everyday lives, we are sure to find folders all around us. The fold... Read >
Author: John

The Importance Of Doctors

18th February 2011
Opportunities for physicians would be best in the primary care fields of general and family medicine, internal medicine, and general pediatrics. Doctors now a days are very comfortable being salaried employees of group medical practices, clinics, or healt... Read >
Author: robiberkley

Actuarial science

22nd March 2010
Actuarial Science applies mathematical and statistical methods to finance and insurance, mainly to risk assessment. It includes a number of interrelating disciplines, including probability and statistics, finance, and economics. Actuarial Science is a way... Read >
Author: studydiscussionsgroup

The connection between body fat distribution and health risk

04th June 2009
Medical studies have shown that 'weight management' through the reduction of excess body fat plays a fundamental role in fighting disease and maintaining superior health. The research also linked the stress of excess body fat to major physical conditions ... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer
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