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A Thorough Deep Clean Can Help Restaurants to be Prepared for Busy Peak Seasons

18th October 2011
Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers There are seasonal highs and lows during the annual business cycle in commercial kitchens such as restaurants and cafes. Two major peak times are during the summer holidays, particularly for those restaurants operat... Read >
Author: Ali Withers

The Advantages and Disadvantage of Stainless Steel Cookware

11th February 2011
If you are searching for the perfect pots and pans, then consider a stainless steel cookware set. These sets are a popular choice in many households. Why buy stainless steel? Knowing about the main benefits of this type of cookware will allow you to decid... Read >
Author: lexordaren

Kitchen Backsplash: Backsplash Ideas: Professional Backsplash Installation Toronto

01st February 2011
Installing a new backsplash in your kitchen can help transform your boring old kitchen into a dynamic space you will love to cook and relax in. There are numerous choices in backsplashes, so browsing images online may help you with your decision of décor.... Read >
Author: PrecisionMarbleandTile

Understanding Kitchen Ventilation

28th August 2009
In the kitchen, a ventilation system removes heat and grease coming from cooking equipment, steam from ware washing and boiling and dangerous carbon monoxide fumes produced from the combustion of gas cooking equipment. Front of house, a ventilation system... Read >
Author: easyequipment

Famous Chefs in History

15th February 2006
Because of the French domination of the culinary scene since time began (or so it seems, anyway), it stands to reason the most famous chefs in history are – what else? – French, with the exception of one American woman (discussed later), who w... Read >
Author: keith londrie
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