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Tips for Primary School Tuition

30th September 2011
Giving primary school tuition is not an easy task as they may be very restless at this age. Sitting in one place and coaching them is very difficult. As a result many tutors may not find it worthy to travel long distance for taking private tuition for jus... Read >
Author: vish

Four parameters to judge genuineness of tuition centers

20th April 2011
The mind of a child is like blank slate. Proper education makes it meaningful. For proper education, the contribution of parental care and schools are highly crucial. However, the growing number of working parents has become a great hindrance in this dire... Read >
Author: vish

Is private tuition necessary for enhancing your child's educational performance?

28th March 2011
There are lots of examples that children are performing well in educational environment without any private tuition. However performance of a child in class room depends upon the receiving capacity, the study atmosphere at home and the care of parents for... Read >
Author: vish

How to Get Top Results in Singapore Math Exams Through Engaging a Good Math Tutor

21st July 2009
Mathematics is a subject where top results often be better achieved through good math tuition. Studies show that private tuition helps students do better in school. This personal tuition also benefits students lagging behind or those with learning disabil... Read >
Author: Chia
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