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Interesting Facts About The Nile River

07th November 2011
Located in Africa is the longest river on earth. It measures 4,132 miles and is called the Nile River. The word "Nile" originated with a Greek work, Neilos, and also an Egyptian word that means "valley" or "great river." In ancient Egypt, the river was c... Read >
Author: Tom Harel

Why You Should Visit Egypt

27th August 2010
Egypt has a wonderful story to itself. It first appears in the bible in the book of exodus as the country where the Israelites really suffered before they were set free to go and settle in Canaan by Moses from King Pharaoh. Egypt is the land of great king... Read >
Author: adventure africa expedition


31st July 2010
Religious texts Moses rescued from the Nile, 1638, by Nicolas Poussin. Moses in front of Pharaoh by Haydar Hatemi, Persian Artist. The finding of Moses, by Edwin Long In the Bible the narratives of Moses are in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteron... Read >
Author: eshret
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