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Handmade Purses: 7 Simple Ones You Can Make

18th June 2012
When it comes to owning unique accessories, nothing beats handmade purses. Whether you recycle, upcycle or just make your bags from new materials, the best way to get a custom-designed bag is to make it yourself. Making purses isn't the complicated proces... Read >
Author: Glen Andrade

Tony Sheffer Antiques Notes on Mantel Clocks

12th January 2011
Most of the mantel clocks that appeared towards the end of the eighteenth century and became popular in the nineteenth century were made in France and typically of French taste with elaborate decoration. The English clocks of the same period were usually ... Read >
Author: madisonthomos

5 Easy Steps To Design A Rolling Sphere Tabletop Fountain In Less Than 30 Minutes

06th January 2010
Rolling sphere fountains are absolutely marvelous in their appeal and design. They are one of the most difficult fountains to design at home. However, with this easy-to-implement design guide, it should be a piece of cake for you to design a rolling spher... Read >
Author: Amy C
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