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What capacity voltage converter do I must fee mobility scooter in Europe?

13th December 2010
What capacity voltage converter do I have to ask for mobility scooter in Europe? Commonly, chargers are rated at a volts and amps rating. I'm willing to wager that your 2 batteries are wired in series. You'd probably have to have a charger that supplies ... Read >
Author: GeneMonnow

Gasification of Biomas from Wood Pellets to Algae

06th March 2009
Gasification of biomass, which is a renewable and sustainable energy source, is a promising alternative to using fossil fuel based fuels, at high and extremely variable cost. Energy sources will come from an increasing list of biomass resources - sources ... Read >
Author: Steve Last

Homemade Hydrogen Generator For Your Vehicle

18th November 2008
When talking about alternative fuel technology, it doesn't often occur to people that they might actually be able to make homemade hydrogen generators as part of their choice to switch to an alternative fuel. Hydrogen fuel-cell cars eventually will elimin... Read >
Author: Mark Black
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