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The Bad Side of Divorce - 3 Things That You Should Know

27th June 2012
There is no easy marriage and difficult situations do occur and when the going gets tough, divorce seems like the right thing to do. Some couples think that ending a marriage through divorce would make them happier. While divorce could work for some coupl... Read >
Author: Gerry Restrivera

Is The Family Law System Fair To Fathers?

29th October 2008
There are many flaws with the child support systems in America. Minnesota is no exception. PROBLEM 1 - MONEY TALKS One dirty secret of the child support system is that it is incentivized by federal money. How Does it Work? The Welfare Refo... Read >
Author: Rahul Rungta

Where To Find Assistance For Single Moms

28th December 2006
In order to survive as a single mother, one has to start building a network of support systems that cover housing, childcare, food, finances, education and more. The list of needs that a single parent has and her ability to pinpoint resources for her need... Read >
Author: Mats Lonnstrom

Child Support: Avoiding Payments at all Cost

08th December 2006
There is no secret that some parents will stop at nothing to avoid paying their child support. There are stories of parents moving to different cities, states and in some instances countries. The mere mention of child support payments will cause a parent ... Read >
Author: Detra Davis

Child Support: An Issue of Concern for Foreign Parents

08th December 2006
Child support will forever be an issue as long as parents deny the desire to care for their offspring. The issue was brought to mind by a parent (foreign born) who wrote me a rather lengthy letter outlining the need to obtain child support from an America... Read >
Author: Detra Davis

Child Support & the Long Arm of the Law

16th April 2006
Copyright 2006 The Divorce Center P.A. There are three things you can count on as a divorced parent: death, taxes, and child support. If you are the custodial parent of your children, support is in the form of buying clothes, food, medicine, and the te... Read >
Author: Howard Iken
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