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Well Known Problems in TIG Welding

30th March 2012
Welding, as is known to many, is the process used for fusing metals. There are different types of welding processes like arc welding, gas welding and resistance welding. TIG or Gas Tungsten Arc may be described as a type of gas metal arc welding. In TIG w... Read >
Author: Oleg Gladshteyn

Using Peladow DG Calcium Chloride for Dehydration of Hydrocarbons

19th May 2010
Deliquescing desiccants such as Calcium Chloride have wide ranging applications.  Advances in formulation, material blending, tableting, and equipment design have expanded the application range of Calcium Chloride desiccants. Desiccants such as Paeladow ... Read >
Author: Graham Drage

pH Adjustment with co2 Injection Improves Wastewater Treatment

19th March 2010
Why control pH with co2? In wastewater treatment, a pH control system that uses a programmable pH controller and pH probe to proportionally control the flow of carbon dioxide injection decreasing the pH from a basic level to a programmable set point, c... Read >
Author: WeCleanWater

Stainless Steel Gas Grill Burners

18th February 2010
The cast brass and cast stainless steel burners have the smallest burrs -- by far. This will mean less chaos in the gas flow, fewer trapped particulate matter in the burner and a cleaner burning grill. The following comparison shows how the ports are form... Read >
Author: Les Finley

Coalescer & Separator Filters

16th September 2009
Separator and Coalescer filters are designed for the specific use of separation and removal of water form gasoline, aviation fuel, kerosene, and diesel fuel. They are normally constructed from a combo of pleated and wrapped layers of fiberglass media. Top... Read >
Author: Ross Garnaut
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