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Intervalworld Timeshare

03rd March 2011
Timeshare ownership of Interval World resorts is a wonderful way to vacation, but did you know that there are other exchange companies besides Interval? Perhaps you are new to the concept of Interval World or timeshare exchange. Perhaps you still may not ... Read >
Author: Love2Vacation

Timeshare Scams Revealed

14th April 2010
Scammers are abundant in the timeshare industry. These scammers know that they are dealing with people who are willing to spend a large sum of money to have a property in their ideal travel vacation destination. These scammers are wise enough to know the ... Read >
Author: giljo9

The Hotel Industry - Timeshare

01st June 2006
TACKLES TIMESHARING With lower occupancy rates, a sagging economy, and the changing demographics of travelers, hotel industry officials are constantly searching for ways to fill rooms. One hot topic is timesharing. Long considered the bad boy of the... Read >
Author: Kevin Co
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