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Self Service Password Reset Active Directory Management tool

22nd March 2012
JiJi Technologies, the global leaders who are already in the vanguard in systems and security solutions for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment is proud to announce the launching of one more product in their product range for co... Read >
Author: Active Dorectory Manager

Active Directory OU The hierarchical structure of organizational domain

01st December 2011
An Active Directory structure contains various objects, resources and services that are a part of a large network. Of these, Active Directory OUs (organizational units) are highly useful objects which are associated with each domain within a network. Thes... Read >
Author: Shawn Miles

Plan Flexible Operations Master Role Placement

18th May 2011
Global catalog servers are not the only special types of servers that run within free practice IT questions Active Directory on various domain controllers. You must also plan to designate various domain controllers with one of the operations master roles.... Read >
Author: Zhuimeng

Managing an Active Directory Performance Lesson 3 Review

17th May 2011
1.You discuss performance monitoring with Margie. During your conversation, you learn no one has ever used MCSE System Monitor to check the performance of her domain controllers. Margie wants to know why anyone would even bother. What would you say to he... Read >
Author: June

70-663 braindumps

18th April 2011
To pass Microsoft Company 70-663 exam more easily, you need to have some reliable 70-663 materials. Test4actual plays a leading role in providing materials of IT certifications examinations. We fulfill all your certification needs here at test4actual. Suc... Read >
Author: test4actual

Disabling Unused Group Policy Settings

31st March 2011
If the Computer Configuration or User Configuration node for a sy0-201 security has only settings that are Not Configured, then you can avoid processing those settings by disabling the node. Disabling unused Group Policy settings is recommended because it... Read >
Author: fiona

Enabling the Universal Group Membership Caching Feature

10th March 2011
The universal group membership caching feature can be enabled using the MCTS certification Active Directory Sites And Services console. To enable the universal group membership caching feature, complete the following steps: 1.Click Start, point to Admin... Read >
Author: fiona

Troubleshooting with the Dcpromo Log Files

21st February 2011
Windows Server 2003 maintains Dcpromo log files that pertain to Active Directory installation. When installing or removing Active Directory using the Active Directory Installation Wizard, the following log files are created in the 70-291 practice test fol... Read >
Author: Shirley

Verifying Operation of the Directory Services Restore Mode Boot Option

18th February 2011
The Directory Services Restore Mode boot option allows restores of how to get windows vista for free on a domain controller. This option is not available on member servers. You should verify that this boot option is operational and runs with the password ... Read >
Author: Shirley

How To Convince a Girl To Love You

14th February 2011
On the subject of enticing women, all men assume they're the monarch of Mack daddy's. We generally to employ a pride about us that think its natural that ladies are attracted to us. It is certainly correct that most ladies are drawn to men, but how will y... Read >
Author: Jay

Domain-Wide Operations Master Roles

20th August 2010
Every domain in the forest must have the following roles: 1.Relative identifier (RID), or relative ID, master 2.Primary domain controller (PDC) emulator 3.Infrastructure master These roles must be unique in each domain. This means that each domain in ... Read >
Author: lixiaoqinqq

Creating an OU Structure

06th August 2010
Each domain can implement its own OU hierarchy. If your enterprise contains several domains, you can create OU structures within each domain, independent of the structures in the other domains. This lesson walks you through the steps for creating an OU st... Read >
Author: Willsimith

Configuring the Required DNS Resource Records

26th July 2010
Computers joining an Active Directory domain require the following resource records in DNS to locate an Active Directory domain controller: _ldap.J.cp.dc._msdcs.DNSDomamName service (SRV) resource record, which identifies the names of the domain control... Read >
Author: JKDKJ

Rectifying 'NTDS ISAM 467' Error in MySQL

15th April 2010
Are you getting error 'NTDS ISAM 467 database corruption' error while accessing MySQL database tables? This problem generally occurs with Windows 2003 Server domain controllers. It indicates MySQL database corruption and renders all your valuable data ina... Read >
Author: Naveen Kadian

You Cannot Delete an Active Directory Object of Unknown Type

04th February 2010
Active Directory is considered as the heart of an Organization; therefore, managing Active Directory objects with advance care is must. To help the administrators effectively and flawlessly manage Active Directory objects, Microsoft has provided various M... Read >
Author: chily software
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