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Find best and top schools of Varanasi online

11th October 2011
Mark Twain, the English author enthralled by the spiritual beauty of Banaras or Varanasi, once wrote:"Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together. On the banks of the ganga... Read >
Author: kumaratul

How We Find Best And Top Schools In Nagpur

16th August 2011
Montfort school stood out tall against all the foliage and creeper trees. It was quite a walk up the beaten path and a long walk that too! As a result, lots of people chose to visit the school for admissions in their own vehicles. The school bus drove alo... Read >
Author: osawebmastersix

How To Find The Best And Top Schools In Varanasi

10th August 2011
It is the auspicious night of the Hindu festival of Deepawali and the city of Varanasi popularly known as Benares or Kashi is beautifully lit up with little diyas or lamps all over welcoming the coming of the Hindu deity Ram. Located on the west bank of t... Read >
Author: osawebmastersix

The culture of drinking tea and coffee

02nd March 2011
Since centuries, the culture of drinking tea and coffee is following. Ancients have used tea as their beverage and nowadays around 400 million cups of coffee are used every day, leaving the proportion of tea which is much popular amongst Asians. Today tea... Read >
Author: Samantha Dale

Most Popular Hill Station in india,Darjeeling

16th December 2010
Darjeeling is a picture perfect hill station sitting atop a ridge at 2134m is replete with Buddhist monasteries, trekking trails and awesome mountain views. People flock to this lovely hill station to escape the heat and humidity of the plains and beat th... Read >
Author: MandakiniHotels

A unique attraction in london- Kohinoor Diamond

04th November 2010
Kohinoor Diamond is housed in the Tower of London and is taken out only on rare occasions for public viewing. Many intriguing legends are associated with the origin of this precious gem. When it comes to attractions, London simply leaves you spoilt for... Read >
Author: Saumya

History of Darjeeling Tea

24th September 2010
The history of Darjeeling Tea is intertwined with the history of Darjeeling built over 150 years from the time of the British Raj. Knowing a brief account of the creation of such precious treasure facilitates greater understanding and appreciation. The Br... Read >
Author: DarjeelingTeaXpress

A Brief History of London

15th March 2010
The history of London as a permanent settlement stretches back almost two thousand years. The city's story is a fascinating one, its fortunes inextricably linked to those of the British Isles. London was founded by the Romans at a convenient crossing ... Read >
Author: Luther Oneill

Cape Winelands Attractions in Franschhoek

11th December 2009
The town of Franschhoek may be small in terms of size, but the viticultural settlement offers endless entertainment and places of interest to visitors. Famous for its excellent wines and delectable cuisine, the town is regarded as the culinary capital of ... Read >
Author: AlterSage

Teaching Children About India

23rd July 2008
India is a great country in terms of culture and values. Children from all over the world will learn to be better human beings by learning about this country. The Republic of India is a South Asian country. It is the seventh largest and second most populo... Read >
Author: Jennie

34 Exciting things to do and see in Cape Town and the Western Cape

17th July 2008
34 Exciting things to do and see in Cape Town and the Western Cape As a lover of Cape Town and of adventure, I have spent a fair bit of time exploring my city and surrounding area and I strongly believe that it is one of the best cities in the world!... Read >
Author: Claire
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