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What You Need to Know About Monster Beats Headphones

06th June 2012
So what are the Monster Beats headphones? These are new products by the Monster and they are also jointly developed by hip-hopís Grammy award winning producer Dr. Dre. There are many manufacturers and artists who have spent many hours blending melodies an... Read >
Author: Andrewanth

Understanding the concept of HDMI over IP

10th March 2010
We now live in a digital world. Through advancements in digital video compression, audio and video signals can now be carried over typical network circuits both on the LAN and across the WAN, and even over the Internet. Video over IP, or IP Streaming Vide... Read >
Author: donaldronn

Cell Phone and Cellular Amplifier

16th July 2009
Cell phone signal boosters are basically small electronic devices that capture nearby cell phone signals and retransmit them so that they are stronger and reach into areas where signal loss may be present. In most cases cell boosters are most effective in... Read >
Author: pallavi

Microphone Specifications - Understanding the Technical Jargon

17th June 2009
Vocal Microphones and Specifications - Understanding the Technical JargonThis article provides an overview on five important metrics that are typically listed in microphone specification sheets: impedance, sensitivity, frequency response, self noise level... Read >
Author: Brian Renwick
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