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Messy Play

21st February 2012
As any parent knows, children can be very messy. Tidying up after children seems to take forever and more than one parent has been amazed at how much washing can be created by one small person. But now and again, children (and parents) need the fun of bei... Read >
Author: Rick Rakauskas

Mardi Gras Fancy Dress Costumes - three Good Carnival Fancy Gown Outfit Ideas

27th May 2011
You can be a alluring jester, a wacky jester, even an evil jester. You could also be king for a day in the fashion of the 18th century (think of some of the Louis') or just adorn on your own with a cape and crown and you will be set.Thought # twoHalloween... Read >
Author: Solomon Newman

Ideas for a Farm Theme Dress up games

19th April 2011
While surfing flash game websites these days, we can see a lot of games imitating the theme of a farm. A farm-themed party is especially popular around harvest time, which usually falls in autumn near Halloween, but these parties can be held year-round. A... Read >
Author: julietmissromeo

A Change in Beatles Clothing

23rd October 2009
In early 1962, The Beatles clothing appeared to be a totally different from what England had first seen them wearing some months earlier. Manager Epstein encouraged the band to get out of their leather gear, black Beatles T Shirts and pants ( No, not in t... Read >
Author: Beatles Geek Pete

Create an authentic 1940s hairstyle

16th February 2009
Women looking for a special look for a big occasion are turning back the clock just a little bit. They are looking to emulate a look that was popularized 60 years ago. The 1940's hairstyle has gained prestige over the course of time, and for many women, i... Read >
Author: King of Kontent

How to look after your human hair extensions

30th October 2008
Taking care of human hair extension is much the same as taking care of your natural hair. It is the scalp that you are nurturing because hair consists of dead cells. Of course the hair should be washed as least once per week to remove oil and pollutants. ... Read >
Author: jinviper1
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