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Meaningful Bedtime Stories: Could Be Worse

28th February 2011
Many of today's busy adults have fond memories of their Mother's reading them this book when they were children. Copyrighted in 1977 and first published by Mulberry Books in 1987, Could Be Worse is a new classic for the current and upcoming generations of... Read >
Author: JD Hopoes

2006 Zakouma elephant slaughter - caustic soda solid Manufacturer - caustic soda pearl Manufacturer

22nd November 2010
Reporting details Fay reported that he saw five men at a base camp, who ran when his airplane approached. At another time he saw one man on horseback with an automatic weapon, who fired on his airplane. "Zakouma elephants are getting massacred right befo... Read >
Author: fyzdfg

The Living Habits of Sea Turtles

21st December 2009
Sea turtles, the marine animals have survived on the Earth for 100 million years. They had been a kind of reptile living in the swamp area, and later evolved and adapted to ocean life. Today, there are sea turtles surviving in the oceans of world's tro... Read >
Author: Dana Scott

What Are The Different Types Of Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos?

28th September 2009
The Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos also falls into the category of Polynesian tattoos. Polynesia is a beautiful group of islands located at the Pacific oceans. And many tribal tattoos are born right at this mystical island itself. Not only has it been around for... Read >
Author: Fredrick Coleman

How To "Beautify" Your Hawaiian Flower Tattoos Designs

08th September 2009
Hawaiian flower tattoos are particularly popular with ladies who are searching for a more feminine tattoo designs. The Hawaiian flower tattoo designs quickly remind one of the beautiful scenery and of course the beautiful Hawaiian ladies. With so many bea... Read >
Author: Monroe Whitaker
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