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Cable Ties: Plastic versus Hook and Loop

16th January 2012
While plastic cable ties have been around since 1958 and hook and loop ties since the early 90ís, customers for these two different cable ties are still divided into two camps. The decision to purchase a plastic or hook and loop cable tie is influenced b... Read >
Author: Project

Responsible Parenting

23rd January 2008
People tend to fall into two camps when it comes to relationships. Those who care too much about what others think and those who say they don't....but still do. The truth is, we all care deeply about people's responses to us. And we should. If a person... Read >

Was the Hound of the Baskervilles really a Galician Palleiros?

02nd September 2007
OK hands up those who are familiar with good old Sir Art C-D's book about the legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes and the amazingly savage pooch he encountered somewhere on Dartmoor. For those not familiar with the plot, the story goes thus: Holmes and Wa... Read >
Author: Stephen Morgan
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