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Why ITIL Training and Certification is so Important

12th October 2010
There are a number of important ways that ITIL can improve how organizations implement and manage information security. 1. ITIL keeps information security business and service focused. Too often, information security is perceived as a "cost center" or "hi... Read >
Author: dantheman485

How to Pass the Series 34 Exam

02nd April 2009
Under the expected new forex registration requirements, forex managers will need to take and pass a new proficiency exam called the Series 34 Exam - the Retail Off-Exchange Forex Examination. The National Futures Association ("NFA") posted exam topics and... Read >
Author: Hedge Fund Attorney

Clinical Sterilizers - An Overview

05th June 2006
High temperature steam sterilizers and autoclaves intended for the healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors are available for processing a wide variety of materials and equipment. The porous load sterilizer is one of the most common types o... Read >
Author: David Kaye
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