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What’s the Best Skin Firming Face Cream on the Market?

16th January 2009
What's the best skin firming face cream on the market? I've compared a lot of products and I believe that I have the answer for you. There are several important ingredients to look for, but the most important is the new Functional Keratin. Created by t... Read >
Author: Kylie

Can You Make Your Body Produce More Collagen?

01st December 2008
The scope of this article is to educate you on how to make the body produce more collagen. If you understand, what collagen is and how it benefits your skin then you will be ahead of many people who use anti aging skin care products. As we age, our bodies... Read >
Author: D. Karlson

What's Better Than...? : A Reaction

05th June 2007
Who would have thought that there's something even better than dreaming big, having a vision, doing something for one's self, and working hard? Mr. Butch Jimenez did. Head of the Media and Strategic Department of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co... Read >
Author: Tom Johny
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