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How To Repair Dell E173fpb LCD Monitor Easily

01st December 2009
Troubleshooting DELL E173FPB LCD Monitor with power blink symptom is quite easy if you know the right procedure to test it. There are two sections in the monitor that can cause power to blink. It is either primary or secondary section or even sometime... Read >
Author: VineetB

How To Troubleshoot And Repair DELL E151FP LCD Monitor With No Power Problem

01st December 2009
The DELL E151FP LCD Monitor came in with no power symptom and upon opening up the cover I saw few components that were burnt. R623 (4.7 ohm) burnt at the side and you could still recognized the resistor color code. The current sense resistor (0.68 ohm... Read >
Author: VineetB

Repairing Samsung 153V LCD Monitor With Dim Display Problem

01st December 2009
One of the common problems in Samsung 153v LCD Monitor was display dim. If you get closer to the screen and begin to observe the display under dark environment you actually could see the display but it was very dim. If you press the front panel button, th... Read >
Author: VineetB

12 Volt Power - Power Supplies And Inverters

03rd August 2009
The seasoned trucker, the off-grid resident, the veteran RV'er and the proud boat owner all know about 12 volt living and the kinds of power supplies and power inverters required to take it all with you while you leave it all behind. This information, the... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

Getting Her Back After Being Dumped By Her

04th June 2009
How to get hold your ex back? This is the weep for of every guy who has eve been deserted. Did you know that in three quarters of break ups, it's the girl who usually calls the full thing off? Guys usually wish to reside together with their girlfriends. T... Read >
Author: jason bb

Lost Foam Casting Process

07th May 2008
Lost Foam Costing is a sub type of Investment Casting. This type of casting method uses foam pattern as the investment. This method benefits from the advantages of the foam properties helpful to make simple and cheap castings. These types of simple castin... Read >
Author: Kent Klein

How do you test a car horn?

10th April 2008
Seriously, how do YOU perform testing when the repair order just handed to you says the horn is inoperative? Do you have a set routine, or do you simply choose where you want to start this time? Have you ever really thought much about it that all diag... Read >
Author: just3

How To Check For Blown Fuses Using A Digital Multimeter.

29th March 2007
There are several ways to check for blown fuses in a circuit. It is always best to check fuses with the power off when possible but as a maintenance mechanic in high speed production facilities for the past twenty years, I know that this is not always pos... Read >
Author: Jim
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