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Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope

25th August 2008
The Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope is a cross between a laser pointer and an incredible kaleidoscopic laser show in your hand! It has a diffraction grating at the end, which splits the laser beam into over 100 separate beams of green laser light and just ... Read >
Author: sarah hague

Laser Printers: The latest in printing technology

12th August 2008
Laser printers are some of the newest way of printing. At present, companies offer cheap laser printers so that people can easily purchase them. The latest laser printers are providing more facilities than the printing. Laser printer is a common type ... Read >
Author: Raisa Raima

Advancements in X-Ray Technology

10th March 2008
X-Rays have been in use as a medical imaging technique since 1895 when Wilhelm Roentgen discovered that he could create pictures of body structures like tissues and bones by passing electromagnetic waves through the body. He called the phenomenon "X" beca... Read >
Author: echo_promotions

How to beat a lidar speeding ticket

02nd February 2006
You need to understand the difference between lidar and radar if you want to know how to beat a lidar speeding ticket. Lidar stands for light detection and ranging. Radar stands for radio detection and ranging. Lidar measures the vehicle's speed by calcu... Read >
Author: Brad Cra
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