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Buy Him A Zippo Lighter…Or Else! 5 Great Gift Ideas For Men You Don’t Want To Miss!

12th August 2009
We have all been there, struggling for gift ideas for dad, bother or son. Guys can be difficult to buy presents for, I admit that. What do you get the sports father who has all the team gear already? Or what do you get your brother who loves the Beatles b... Read >
Author: Zippo Lighter Fanatic

Harley Davidson Choppers - Advice About Waxing One

09th July 2009
It is time to think about wax coating, once you are satisfied with the condition of the paint of your Harley Davidson Choppers, now start the wax coating. Wax coating helps to preserve the paint as it contains some oils which decrease the rust or oxidatio... Read >
Author: Frederic Cash


26th June 2009
From the very first time my father put me on the back of his Harley Electra Glide, motorcycles became my passion, and I was hooked.Soon as I was old enough I bought a bike and customised it so that it was unlike any other bike out there.I love the freedom... Read >
Author: Larry Pitsch

Couple Of Famous Harley Riders

10th April 2009
Though it's not documented the very first woman to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle was probably Janet Davidson. Janet was an aunt of Arthur, Walter and William Davidson. She helped her nephews out by using her artistic talents to paint pinstriping and l... Read >
Author: Jennifer Seaton

Rig Frame Motorcycles

01st April 2009
A rigid frame may be the skeleton of your current or next custom motorcycle. Whether to select a rigid, hard tail frame or a swing arm, soft tail frame is one of those questions that those who ride must decide. If you notice, antique motorcycles always ... Read >
Author: Tyler

Novelty Billiard Balls – Balls That Stand Out From The Pack

04th September 2008
You don't have to use the regular solid and striped billiard balls to play the game. If you want to stand out and be noticed, you can get novelty billiard balls. These balls are usually one of a kind. People think of them as a collection, just like they d... Read >
Author: Jerry Davis

Which Harley Pipes Make More Power

14th August 2008
The Most Powerful Harley Pipes There is no doubt that opinions vary wildly on just about any subject being discussed so it's no surprise that when the question of which set of harley pipes will produce the best power, it is hard to find a consensus as ... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer

Motorcycle Road Trip To Alaska

23rd June 2008
Every road trip planner dreams of conquering the roads of Alaska. Here is an idea for an adventurous motorcycle road trip over the 49th state. This road trip will certainly entice every motorcyclist all over the United States, no matter where they are ... Read >
Author: Davidr

Metric Vs V-Twin

11th May 2008
That is the question, Metric VS V-Twin? What do you ride? I currently ride a Yamaha Road Star Silverado. This was my first cruiser style motorcycle after riding a sport bike for a long time. At first I could not picture myself saddled up on anything o... Read >
Author: G.

What is Brand Essence?

09th May 2006
Brand Essence is a way of articulating the emotional connection and lasting impression -- usually summed up with one simple statement or phrase -- that defines the qualities, personality and uniqueness of a brand. Said another way, Brand Essence character... Read >
Author: Jules Sowder
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