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I Want A Celica!! Or do I?... My drive from mid-life crisis to practical green-ality

17th July 2009
Has anyone here turned 40 and found them self with a vague unscratchable itch for a fast car? That's one of those text book life events, isn't it? Well, it's 5 months past my birthday and I'm not ashamed to say that the age-relative-to-sports-car-clich&At... Read >
Author: Heather Schaefer


26th June 2009
From the very first time my father put me on the back of his Harley Electra Glide, motorcycles became my passion, and I was hooked.Soon as I was old enough I bought a bike and customised it so that it was unlike any other bike out there.I love the freedom... Read >
Author: Larry Pitsch

How to paint your motorcycle or chopper

02nd February 2008
The do it yourself motorcycle paint job. PAINT AND PREP SUPPLIES Reducer Lightwieght Filler Flowable Putty Primer and hardeners Epoxy Sealer Base color Paint Clear Coat/Hardener Sandpaper by grit: 80,120,400,600,1500,2000 PAINT BOOTH IN A PI... Read >
Author: Torky
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