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Three Memory Tactics for you to Apply in Your Freestyle Rap Training

22nd March 2010
Have you ever wondered how you use your memory any time you are freestyle rapping? You see you really use your memory when you are freestyling. You need to take advantage of your memory to remember lyrics, rhythms and your various rhyming words. There ... Read >
Author: freestylemethod

How Self Talk and Positive Thinking Works with the Subconscious Mind

12th January 2010
Perhaps we cannot come to realize that our subconscious mind has information embedded inside and buried so that it takes some effort to extract the vital parts that can complete a detailed memory or experience we encountered. In fact, the subliminal parts... Read >
Author: snowowl

Paul McCartney's Seven Best Post Beatles Albums

30th October 2009
Too often people dismiss Paul McCartney's entire career after The Beatles. It's become such "conventional wisdom" that Paul McCartney was no good after The Beatles that a lot of people don't even question it. But really the whole idea makes no sense. The ... Read >
Author: yourticketmarket

5 Funny Songs to Listen to

16th December 2008
Every now and then, one may find the need to break away from normal types of songs and listen to something that will make them literally laugh out loud. Sometimes the songs may be parodies, and other times they might actually be legit songs. Here are five... Read >
Author: Jerald Fitzgerald

Adding Chords to a Melody

01st February 2007
In this article, I want to take a solo melody and show how to apply chords to harmonize it. Don't forget to click the links for each step so that you can see exactly what I'm describing. The principles that I describe are outlined in three of my books:"Th... Read >
Author: Gary Ewer
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