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SMS Texting Addiction: When Texting Never Stops

11th February 2008
With the proliferation and widespread adoption of SMS technology comes problems unheard of before. One such problem is texting addiction. It was reported that a Scandinavian therapy center, has treated around 60 addicts since 1998 and this number should h... Read >
Author: teodolfo clearsms

Battle Prayer To Break a Generational Curse Line

18th June 2007
In the realm of spiritual warfare against demonic spirits - one of the ways that demons can enter into a person's life is through a generational curse line. A curse line can be formed out between a parent and a child if that parent has engaged and crossed... Read >
Author: Michael Bradley

Adult Daughters of Alcoholics

05th June 2006
A few times in my life, someone has taken a quick look at me and been able to tell me about myself or a little bit about who I am or what I've been through. Some people have that gift. Whether they are psychologists, tarot readers, or some old lady in the... Read >
Author: Jim Glu
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