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Great Ideas For Armband Tattoos

15th May 2009
Armband tattoos are very popular with people now, especially young people. Armbands are a great way to express your unique style, and make your tattoo your own. Armbands can be made up from a wide verity of tattoo styles, and are fully customizable in man... Read >
Author: John Frost

Sexy Ankle Tattoo Designs for Girls - a Must Have Accessory

13th March 2009
One of the sexiest accessories any girl can have is a tattoo. Tattoos show off your personality. Depending on their deign and location, they can make a girl look so exotic and attractive. But getting a sexy tattoo requires a lot of thought. The design you... Read >
Author: Lindsy Emery

Choosing a Fantasy Bed Kids Have Their Heart Set On

21st January 2009
Kids who dream of being Cinderella, cowboys, race car drivers, and more will feel right at home in these fantasy kids beds. Parents can help to make those dreams come true in their child's room. Wonderful fantasy beds expand a decorating theme for any ... Read >
Author: Jennie Qiao(www.oil-painting-online.com)

Is It Really Cheating? The Japanese Mahjong Thumb-rub Explained!

01st April 2008
Most modern Japanese mahjong sets have tiles which are made of nylon with the mahjong characters stamped on the tile-face. It is not difficult to learn to read what the characters stand for, whether they are winds, dragons or the three numbered suits. How... Read >
Author: David Hurley
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