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Herniated Disc Exercises: Strengthen Back And Abdominal Muscles

22nd August 2007
Sciatica or leg pain due to a herniated or ruptured disc is typically caused by the disc's soft, gel-like internal substance protruding into its outer covering called annulus fibrosus. As the disc bulges, it compresses on a nerve root along the sciatic ne... Read >
Author: Adam

Postpartum Blues are Real and in Some Cases Quite Devastating

21st May 2007
In Charlotte Perkins-Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper," which is written and set in the late 1800s (1892), the central figure is sequestered to a top floor bedroom where she is forced to "rest" for days on end. By being suppressed, oppressed, and depressed,... Read >
Author: Peter Gitundu

The Truth about Headache and Dizziness

02nd February 2007
Headaches with dizziness are often interrelated. Whenever such a malady occurs, an expert should be consulted to take a physical examination for diagnosis. This is to detect whether the occurrence of headaches and dizziness are interdependent or not. He... Read >
Author: Richard Romando
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