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How to recover .NRG Files

20th May 2009
A .nrg file is a CD image file format used by Nero Burning ROM, a utility suite made by Nero AG.s. It is an optical disk authoring application for Windows. It uses .NRG CD image file format to create and burn CD/DVD images. .NRG files can also be stored o... Read >
Author: Garry Thomson

MDF Corruption Due to OS Errors or I/O Check Failure

07th May 2009
Sometimes you may face system or hardware problems while writing data to or reading from the SQL Server 2000 database. These issues can make your database inaccessible and cause serious data loss. In such situations, all your critical data becomes unusabl... Read >
Author: Naveen Kadian

Error Message “Header Corrupt” while opening a .Zip File

15th April 2009
A computer virus is an intelligent program, which can associate itself to certain file extensions for example .ZIP and corrupt the targeted files. Data loss mainly depends upon the nature and motive of the computer virus. In most of the cases, the data ge... Read >
Author: Naveen Kadian

BlackBerry Applications - Five Keys To Getting Started With BlackBerry Programming

27th June 2008
As BlackBerry devices increase their share of the market, software developers are attracted to the BlackBerry platform and wonder if it's worth their investment in time and effort to create BlackBerry applications. After all, significant effort is require... Read >
Author: Eric Giguere

sap architechere and design

31st January 2008
SYSTEM KERNAL : In SAP terminology, a service means a service provided by a software component (software-oriented view). This component can consist of a process (compare work process) or a group of processes (compare application server) and is then cal... Read >
Author: suresh
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