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Disadvantages Of Using Email To Sell

15th April 2009
Some people believe that sales by e-mail to sell everything that is the best idea. But the truth is not. Not a good idea to replace calls to e-mail at contact with a potential client. Some people use e-mail to sell products to avoid the humiliation of rej... Read >
Author: ali

How to write a passionate and seductive love letters

01st March 2009
Nothing can compare with the happiness that love and being loved bring. Being loved by people around us is one precious gift that we receive. But there is one love that we always have a great desire to experience and that is to love and be loved by specia... Read >
Author: Inder Zogta

You Can Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Even if She Refuses to See You

13th October 2008
There are plenty of pointers online on how to get your ex girlfriend back, but most of them require her to at least be amenable to answer the phone when you call. What are you supposed to do if she won't yet speak to you? Here are some ideas: Let her r... Read >
Author: lhuber

TRAI, TDSAT & Broadcasting

28th March 2007
TRAI, TDSAT and BROADCASTING. - Hemant Narain* With the advancement and development of technology day by day in the field of telecom, internet and cable television broadcasting, it was felt necessary that a specialized regulatory body be established... Read >
Author: Hemant
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