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A Brief History of Canon

17th December 2008
Canon is known today for its printers, copiers, and cameras. It began in 1930 as a small company called Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, to produce cameras. The company's first camera was called the "Kwanon." Its first ad campaign associated i... Read >
Author: Pete Warrior

Who Invented The First Laser Printer? The History Of Laser Printers

14th October 2008
The Laser Printer was invented at Xerox in 1969. The earliest model was based on the company's own xerographic copiers and was modified according to the requirements of a printer. Researcher Gary Starkweather is credited with its research and development ... Read >
Author: John C. Arkin

Is Iron On Heat Transfer Paper Right for Your Project?

07th October 2008
Iron on heat transfer paper can be used for applying custom graphics and text to t-shirts, sweatshirts and other fabric items. You can be as creative as you want by using a scanner or digital camera to capture and manipulate images, graphics, or logos, an... Read >
Author: Satya Narayan

Laser Toner Cartridges:Your Questions Answered

13th August 2007
Long an essential tool for businesses, laser printers are becoming more and more popular with home users because of their speed, accuracy and precision. Laser printers are increasingly affordable, too. If you're contemplating buying a laser printer, here ... Read >
Author: Michiel Van Kets

The Disadvantage and Advantage Of Inkjet Printing

11th July 2006
Knowing that inkjet printing is a flexible, cost-effective, and dependable way to achieve high quality printed products. This inkjet printing has its own flaws. The disadvantages of inkjets include fragile print heads (that is prone to clogging or blockag... Read >
Author: salvador daet jr
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