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Use Children's Books to Encourage Kids to Read

17th November 2006
Use Children's Books to Encourage Kids to Read As most parents know, reading skills are critical for preschool learning and childhood development. Studies have shown that children that are diagnosed with reading problems during their early school years,... Read >
Author: Kent Johnson

Ambigram Art

19th September 2006
I am currently studying a lot of word-related art, amongst all the other things (I am a bit of a 'sponge' when it comes to new information and knowledge). I suppose like a lot of other people, once I read Dan Brown's books ( http://www.danbrown.com/) it i... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

Tips for an excellent book page layout that get noticed

09th June 2006
People are nowadays fascinated with color and creative designs. The more attractive and colorful an object is, the higher is the possibility for a person of buying an object. So if one even plans to write a book, much has to be considered about the layout... Read >
Author: Thomson Chemmanoor

Home Science Experiments and the Voom Factor

20th December 2005
"He has something called a voom. Voom is so hard to get, You never saw anything Like it, I bet." Dr. Seuss When Dr. Seuss wrote these quotes in his fantastic children's books he probably did not know how fitting and relevant his quotes wo... Read >
Author: Richard Flowers
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