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A Look at Some Reasons People Get Dentures

21st March 2009
It is not hard to take a beautiful smile for granted while you are young. Unfortunately, as we age, dental problems will be more prominent and unavoidable. It seems that some people are frightened of getting dentures because it will be so much different f... Read >
Author: Daniel Berry

The Best Celebrity Smiles Did Your Fave Celeb Make the List?

18th February 2009
We see them walking the red carpet and smiling for the cameras. We admire their pictures on the cover of magazines, but which celebrity smiles are the best? Which celebrity smile stands out among the sea of magazine photos and movie posters. What celebrit... Read >
Author: Daniel Berry

Cosmetic Dentistry and Lip Repositioning

09th July 2008
People want to have a beautiful smile and have done their research note that there are two main factors that are of high significance but are not considered by many people when going to a cosmetic dentist, those two factors which can quickly affect the wa... Read >
Author: John Sern
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