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Chanel clothing

28th January 2009
Coco Chanel founder of the Chanel fashion house is a Parisian based fashion industry. Gabrielle Chanel started with a small shop in Paris, in 1909, when she never ever had imagined this was a little door for her enormous success awaiting and would create ... Read >
Author: Jamie Hanson

Fifties girdles and corsets - suddenly shapewear is fashionable

14th January 2009
Retro styling - you must have seen that term before! It is applied to everything from clothing to home furnishings. Retro comes from the Latin meaning 'backwards'. Here we are discussing retro shapewear. Much of the following discussion relates to the ... Read >
Author: Debbie Mendoza

Haute Couture Industry

15th November 2006
Haute couture means accuracy in lines. ?Haute couture consists of secrets whispered from generation to generation,? says Yves Saint Laurent. The designer is careful to achieve a supreme balance in all his clothes, designs in the secrecy of the ?studio?. I... Read >
Author: anil gupta

Kids Exchange - used designer clothes

20th September 2005
How do you afford designer clothes for your Kids, but not at any Price! Welcome to a new concept in websites, Kids Exchange online web store. From their real shop based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England they have decided to 'GO GLOBAL'. Their aim is to make ... Read >
Author: John Fowler
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