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Wedding Photography in Sri Lanka

11th May 2009
When it comes to weddings in Sri Lanka, wedding photography is a key component. It is the only remembrance that will last for years. Even years after your wedding you can still re-live that special day by looking at the wedding photographs. The bride and ... Read >
Author: Nadinee Bandara

Wedding Photography Punjab – Create Timeless Wedding memories

09th March 2009
India is a land of colors, different cultures, religions. Here every occasion is celebrated very passionately with full vibrancy and enthusiastically. Celebration like wedding in India is a dazzling event, filled with customs and festivity that carry on f... Read >
Author: tejeesstudio

Four great wedding venues in Plymouth

13th February 2009
Plymouth is a great place to get married, the city is steeped in maritime history being the setting off point for the pilgrims to America and also for Francis Drake in the defeat of the Spanish Armarda. It also boasts several great wedding venues and as w... Read >
Author: Ed A Hall

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

25th January 2008
This is the age-old question that usually gets asked right after the lead-in question of "How much does it cost?" Most couples are shocked at what even decent wedding photography costs. Most think "you're only taking a few pictures - why so expensive?" So... Read >
Author: John T. Bryant
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