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File Extension GBA

13th October 2008
Game Boy Advance (GBA) is a handheld console for video games developed by Nintendo. The game files used in this console have the file extension .gba. This file extension is the ROM Image used by the console. The file extension .gba was first used on th... Read >
Author: cornerwelt

Making Contingency Plans for Disaster Recovery

02nd May 2008
There are many kinds of disasters which may visit upon an area unannounced. And even if people get an inkling of their approach, there is little they can do about it. Companies whose offices lie in their path suffer massive destruction of their assets. Wo... Read >
Author: James Walsh

Five Types of Data That Should be Backed Up Regularly

25th January 2008
The lack of durability of many data storage devices is a scenario which necessitates that each and every data entered into the personal computer (PC) should be protected, but paucity of time makes such a task arduous. In these circumstances, it is of ... Read >
Author: James Walsh
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