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Aquamarine Rings - The Lucky Ring For Sailors, Voyage And Marriage

08th February 2010
Aquamarine rings are fashion rings and are really cheap 19th anniversary present. Aquamarine rings are also an ideal gift for your family who are celebrating their birthday in March. With its delicate sea-blue color, aquamarine is thought to bring good fo... Read >
Author: William Moody

History about Synthetic Diamonds

20th November 2009
Some of the real and original diamonds have a history that is not as well-known and clear, and they only add to the romance and mystique surrounding them. But this is not the case in synthetic diamonds. There is something so exciting about the synthetic d... Read >
Author: Nisha

Is A Shooting Star A Very Negative Omen?

02nd November 2009
The beauty of a shooting star crossing the night sky is undeniable, but while for some people this is very romantic, for others it just suggests a bad omen. The understanding of the shooting star in different parts of the world implies diverse meanings as... Read >
Author: Jullienne Queen

Why does copper turn green - an explanation of the patina process

11th September 2009
Most people know that pennies are made of copper, but are you aware that the Statue of Liberty is also constructed from this timeless and durable metal? Even if this comes as no surprise to you, you may be confused by why pennies are such a shiny bron... Read >
Author: Andre Savoie,

Panasonic Batteries: Idea that have changed the world

03rd September 2009
Panasonic Batteries is a part of the world's biggest electronic company, Panasonic Corporation, the leading manufacturers of hi-tech domestic appliances, audio-visual appliances and electronic gadgets for personal and industrial usage. The unit is undispu... Read >
Author: viggooliveira

Aquamarine Stone

01st August 2009
Aquamarine rings are fashion rings and are extremely reasonable 19th anniversary present. Aquamarine rings are also an ideal gift for your friends who are celebrating their birthday in March. With its delicate sea-blue color, aquamarine is thought to brin... Read >
Author: Ivan Christopher


24th July 2009
There are many different types of claims of a patent application. Some patent claims are about the type of invention. There are apparatus claims, method or process claims, claims to designs, chemical composition, etc. There are also claims which are r... Read >
Author: sbbarca

Health Benefits of Propolis

06th July 2009
Propolis What is Propolis? Propolis is a dark brown colored resin, also called as blue glue and is created by honey bees. Honey bees collect it form tree saps, balsams and other botanical sources to build their hives. The consistency of Propolis de... Read >
Author: michel143

Geological classification of Serpentine & Alabaster

07th April 2009
Marble = CaCO3 It is a kind of limestone that was transformed by heat and pressure (of overlaying rocks) Serpentine = Mg3[(OH)4/Si2O3] It belongs to the group of silicates Soapstone = Mg3[(OH)2/Si4O10] It belongs - as serpentine - to the silicate... Read >
Author: yxpweed

The Importance Of Food Elements

31st March 2009
The effects of food are to promote growth, provide the strength and warmth, and provide equipment for the repair of waste is carried out continuously in the body. Every breath, every thought, every movement, performs part of the delicate and wonderful hou... Read >
Author: ali

Coral - Jewelry of the Mermaids

28th January 2009
The coral is the massive calcareous stacks which secretes in the sea one kind of preliminary coelenterate coral polyp becomes by the growth, assumes the dendritic, the cross section has the concentric layered pattern. Its chemical composition is the calci... Read >
Author: Dale Arnold

Lustrous, white and splendid pearl jewelry is what defines beauty...

21st November 2008
Since ages, jewelry has adorned the aura and beauty of the female species and its glamor and magic continues till date. Gold, silver, diamond and various other gemstones have embellished the wide array of jewelry, so much so that today we find a whole wid... Read >
Author: Sunil langeh

Using Softened Water on Home Aquariums

31st October 2008
Owing to the numerous side effects of hard water on our everyday tap water use at home, it is sometimes essential to put a water softening method to deal with this problem. In the case of home aquariums, though, softened water may stimulate bad health eff... Read >
Author: Emman Bismonte

What You Should Know About Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

09th September 2008
Since the introduction of silicone hydrogel contact lenses in 1999, they have become the fastest growing new fit contact lens segment worldwide. Researchers predict that, by 2009, silicone hydrogels will make up more than two-thirds of contact lens sales ... Read >
Author: Chelsea Francis

Salty Taste In Mouth

18th July 2008
Saltiness in mouth is one of the most common and ignored phenomenon in the world. Though it is not that big a problem, it can be annoying; if ignored. The condition involves constant salty taste in mouth. People suffering from the problem overlook it, as ... Read >
Author: peterhutch
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