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3d Street Artist - How to hire one for your effective advertising or PR campaign

08th March 2011
What is 3d Street Art and how can it be used for Street Advertising, PR and Brand promotion? 3d Street Art is known by several different names; 3d Street Art, 3d Pavement Art, 3d Chalk Art, 3d Sidewalk Art. They are all types of art created by pavement... Read >
Author: Kristian Jeffrey

pH Adjustment with co2 Injection Improves Wastewater Treatment

19th March 2010
Why control pH with co2? In wastewater treatment, a pH control system that uses a programmable pH controller and pH probe to proportionally control the flow of carbon dioxide injection decreasing the pH from a basic level to a programmable set point, c... Read >
Author: WeCleanWater

How metal printing will revolutionize your images

11th March 2010
Today most of us are faced with numerous challenges when trying to figure out how stand apart from everyone else who is printing onto traditional media such as paper and canvas. Although there have been many advances in paper stocks and canvas media i... Read >
Author: Marco R
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