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Splenda Side Effects How Splendid Is Splenda?

13th October 2010
Grab a cup of coffee at your local coffee house and you are sure to see Splenda alongside the sugar and cream. Long touted for its benefits as a zero-calorie artificial sweetener, it has also come under fire for some of the side effects that many users ha... Read >
Author: Tobias Z.

Boresha Review: Is Boresha's BSkinny Coffee a SCAM?

17th December 2009
Is Boresha's BSkinny Coffee a SCAM?Not hardly.Boresha's gourmet coffee begins with superior quality, AA Arabica coffee beans, shade tree and organically farmed in the rich, volcanic soil of Uganda. The beans are certified organic before traveling to Conco... Read >
Author: Joseph Zyskowski

Tips to Replace Sugar in Your Baked Goods

16th July 2009
Whether you are reducing the sugar in your diet under your doctor's orders, because you are trying to lose weight, or maybe just because you are trying to have a healthier diet, those sudden and sometimes uncontrollable sweet tooth cravings can often make... Read >
Author: Jeremy Foster

Glycerol: The Practical Answer To Dehydration In The Field Of Sports

18th June 2009
In a highly competitive sport event, it is not only the physical training and mental preparation that matters, water intake is also important. Ever wondered why sports drinks are so popular these days? Athletes have to replenish the lost fluids from physi... Read >
Author: joalesto

Recipe For Diabetic Valentine Cookie

25th January 2008
Why not make something special for your diabetic Valentine this year? Go beyond the usual box of sugar-free chocolates and let your diabetic Valentine know how much you care. There's nothing wrong with the box of chocolates, we diabetics appreciate them. ... Read >
Author: Linda W
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