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How to trade Derivatives in stock markets

20th September 2011
Derivative is a product whose value is derived from the value of an underlying asset, in a contractual manner. The asset in question could be equity, forex, commodity, index or any other. In India trading of derivatives is governed by the framework under... Read >
Author: shyam thapa

PVC bottom up the market outlook can be supported on-PVC, futures, rose - the plastics industry

06th April 2011
HC plastic mesh News: Over the past three months, China has maintained a PVC futures market traded sideways oscillation pattern, the current contract in 7600 main 1009? 8100 yuan / ton in the price range of oscillation operation. Recently, the euro area a... Read >
Author: fdsa

India, China Clean Tech Comparison

23rd April 2010
India's thirst for natural resources is not comparable to China and its impressive 7 percent average economic growth is not as high as China's thundering 9 percent, yet the country faces a dire energy shortage that needs to be addressed with clean technol... Read >
Author: Dezan Shira & Associates
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