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The First Ladies and Their Presidents

25th July 2012
The wives of US presidents are often influential American figures in their own right. While they have got no legitimate obligations, the wives are an essential part of the US government. The function of the and Theirlady has evolved over the centuries, fr... Read >
Author: bookseller16

Make a New Yearís Resolution to Use a Meal Planner

27th January 2012
We step into every New Year with new dreams and aspirations. Most of us want the forthcoming year to shower happiness and utmost joy without any hindrances. As an individual with six senses, we wish many things to get in place at least in the New Year tha... Read >
Author: JamesAnderson

Jewellery-Special Gift on Motherís Day

04th April 2011
"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother" These beautiful lines by Abraham Lincoln summarize the importance of a mother in every person’s life. The best relation in the world is of a mother and child, the most selfless and the most be... Read >
Author: Peter Goodall

How to Avoid Negative Thinking

03rd March 2011
It is okay to be worried about something. After all, no one really holds the future, right? You should be very alarmed, though, if your worry is taking over your entire being. You can no longer function so well. You do not pursue certain activities becaus... Read >
Author: Nelson Berry

Raising Turkeys as Pets - Keeping Turkeys Have Its Own Perks and Simple Joys Compared to Dogs

11th August 2010
They are mostly known as Thanksgiving dinners. However, it is also possible to have them as pets. Raising turkeys as pets might not be as popular as buying puppies and kittens, but this does have its own perks and simple joys as well. There are two gen... Read >
Author: Andrew Grey

Origins: zentai & Co

12th July 2010
zentai & Co was started in 1837 by Charles Lewis costume zentai and John B. Young as a stationery and fancy goods store in Lower Manhattan. Originally called zentai, Young and Ellis, the company branched into precious stone jewellery when zentai purchased... Read >
Author: zentai

Acrostic Poems - 8 Top Topics for Acrostics

15th February 2010
Acrostics are fantastic and help to concentrate on a topic in a wonderfully novel, personal and creative way. So super power your imagination and get your brain to love learning by using these flexible learning tools. Creating a piece of acrostic poetry i... Read >
Author: Dan Weaver

Love Between Pets and Owners

08th February 2010
Abraham Lincoln said, "I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it." Love between the pet and the owner has been immortalized by many a legends. Many novels described the love and trust that an animal and the owner shares... Read >
Author: Miquel Travis

List of Presidents in Numerical Order

07th September 2009
The United States president is the highest leader of the US government and is considered to be one of the most powerful men worldwide. The president also serves as the Commander-in-chief of the United States armed forces. In 1951, after the approval o... Read >
Author: Kenny Leones

Provider Overview: Lincoln Annuities

30th August 2009
The Lincoln Financial Group was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1905. The company's original founders wanted to establish an insurance company that customers could rely on - one that was dependable and honest. They, therefore, chose Abraham Lincoln to r... Read >
Author: Steven Hart

Famous hats worn by famous people

05th May 2009
Hat has been around with men for centuries. Since ice age, man has been wearing a type of headwear to protect against the climate. Hats however became a trademark for many famous people around the world. Some of the popular hats worn by famous people were... Read >
Author: devk

Find Out What's Good in Illinois

06th October 2008
Illinois welcomes you to a tour of great historical significance, cultural enrichment, and natural beauty. This state offers a diverse experience that suits any type of traveler. Visit FreeAirfareSearch.com/main for Free Airfare. The most popular touri... Read >
Author: globalbpo1

Hidden Persuasion - Using Subliminal Messages In Language

01st October 2008
Chances are that somewhere, at some time, you have encountered someone who has used covert persuasion on you. Although this approach usually applies to advertising it is also used in speech. Do you know that you can embed subliminal messages in your spoke... Read >
Author: Michael McGrath

I Dream To Become A Great Man

29th June 2007
I was born as a poor boy and grew up in the street Without the care, guidance and supervision of my beloved parent. I have been experienced an empty stomach, Almost naked, without permanent shelter and without proper education. As a young man wit... Read >
Author: Moises Reconalla

Abilene, Texas- Historic City of the Old West

30th April 2007
Abilene, Texas is an historic city of the Old West, which has become the transportation, medical, commercial and university hub of Taylor County in the geographic center of the state of Texas. The city's current population is 116,000. The average price of... Read >
Author: Author Unknown
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