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Chinaís Best Electronics B2C websites on Foreign Trades

14th April 2011
B2C websites are one of the ways for western customers to buy cheap made-in-china products directly from China wholesalers. Well, because the internet is so easy to access, there are some frauds and scam waiting for innocent customers. Issues about online... Read >
Author: electronicsky

Reebok shoe Baosheng cooperation with China to accelerate localization - Reebok, shoe, Po Sheng - fo

07th April 2011
HC shoe net January 6 hearing, a rosy outlook in the eyes of investors, the Chinese sports goods market, to promote Adidas (ADSG.DE) to adjust its Reebok Brand business model in China. 1 5, Reebok announced that the International signed with Bao Sheng... Read >
Author: edfnd

A quick way to tunnel the great firewall of China

15th October 2010
Want to know the best way to get tunnel the Great Firewall of China? So do you and many other expats, travellers, or Chinese people who just want to see what's going on with their friends over seas. Regardless of the politics of it, many sites are blocked... Read >
Author: nathaniell

Taiwan lithium battery industry has enormous potential - the battery industry battery - HC net elect

17th June 2010
China's battery industry in Taiwan has not, as the electronics industry or Semiconductor Industry as by the attention, although the current global market share of only about 5%, but my battery manufacturers in the Taiwan manufacturing technology level and... Read >
Author: xiaohe5096

Industrial relays the status of market applications focused giant hard to shake the

22nd April 2010
At present, the mechanical and electrical relay application is still the largest market Taken together, the total market share above 60%; metallurgy, petrochemical industry is also a relay used more often, both relays together accounted for about 15% of t... Read >
Author: Weihua

Discrete semiconductor devices, old and new market opportunities

01st April 2010
    As the semiconductor industry, one of the two branches, discrete devices industry in China has maintained a long history of development. Discrete devices are supported by industry, electronic industry, the electronics industry development. The spe... Read >
Author: eoeo

The Power of Impulse Buying

04th June 2009
At present, lots of Chinese luxury watch consumers just want to show off. They knows little about the brand concept. Not a few just rush to buy after watching a advertisement. Western luxury watch buyers normally put brand tradition, values and family inh... Read >
Author: Ara

Benefits of Learning Chinese

23rd August 2008
China has stepped front and center into 21st Century business and commerce. As one of the most populated countries in the world, China has become a very important exporter as well as importer of goods from around the globe. Because of this, more businessm... Read >
Author: Mando Mandarin

China Business Networks, the Guanxi and Guanxiwang

26th April 2007
We can often hear the word guanxi in any community from China, doesn't matter it is mainland China , Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan, though there may be some slight differences in pronunciation as a result of the distinctive dialects from China. In C... Read >
Author: Eric Castro
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