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Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Result in a Life of Rewards

03rd August 2012
Hobbies and crafts are some of the thngs we may chat about with colleagues and friends. Chatting about them helps people to see a side of our character which they never knew existed and which goes beyond the normal work stuff. After all, they are things t... Read >
Author: bookseller16

Great Reasons to Visit the Underrated Country Bear Jamboree at Disney's Magic Kingdom

06th December 2011
A lot of people have undoubtedly heard about Walt Disney World Resort's Country Bear Jamboree. However, you most likely have no plans in checking it out as you plan your own Disney holiday. Why is that, specifically? It's possibly because Country Bear Jam... Read >
Author: Herb L

Unique Symbolisms In The Best Jewish Jewelry

26th September 2011
Choosing from among the best Jewish jewelry can be an interesting activity especially if you take the time to learn about what kinds of jewelry are available and what significance they hold. Jewish jewelry are more than just ornamental pieces a person can... Read >
Author: Nazima Golamaully

Bandhani Scarves: Fashionable Tie-Dye on Chiffon Silk

15th February 2011
Bandhani is a centuries old form of tie-dye that artisans in India incorporate in saris, shawls and scarves. In India, these intricately tie-dyed scarves have been worn throughout history and now they are available for the world market in contemporary sty... Read >
Author: Joan Rasch

Start Your Own Business With a Hog Roast Machine

29th November 2010
When it comes to food and celebrations,there's not much that's more tantalizing than a hog roast.A crispy pig browning on a spit draws guests together on any occasion. So why not make it your business?A rich tradition dating back to medieval times,hog ... Read >
Author: ConanBrown

Shopping Guide For Swarovski Jewelry And Collectibles

02nd February 2010
Swarovski is essentially a luxury brand that creates precision-cut jewelries, figurines, and glasses. Swarovski Ag was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895 and till date the company follows its rich tradition of unmatched swarovski pendants ,souvenirs and ... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

The sashaying of ballet & ballroom dance into Kolkata

04th August 2009
Colonial rule brought Ballet & Ballroom dancing to India. During the pre-independence era, they were mostly restricted to the foreigners and to the elite Indian society. It was in the 1940s that two veteran western dance teachers Bhabani Prasad (Bob) Das ... Read >
Author: Ritika Ganguly

Detroit Medical Center Wayne State University Joint Residency Programs: Progress Made, But Work

07th July 2009
On November 22, 2006, the Detroit Medical Center ("DMC") and Wayne State University ("WSU") announced a temporizing resolution to a long-standing contractual dispute. This dispute threatened both the future of the DMC/WSU jointly sponsored residency progr... Read >
Author: Wachler & Associates

Irish Jewelry Online : Traditional Irish jewelry handmadeand hallmarked in Dublin

11th March 2009
Under Irish law dating back to 1637, in the reign of Charles I, all Irish jewelry of precious metals must be assayed and stamped with the official hallmark - the traditional letter symbol for the year it was crafted, a fineness mark guaranteeing the purit... Read >
Author: Cunningham John

Folk Songs of Karnataka

29th September 2008
Sripadaraya Swami of Mulbagal laid the foundation of the Dasa Kuta system and popularized Kannada songs all over India. Renowned classical singers or present India like Gangubai Hangal, Bhimsenji Joshi, Basavaraj Rajaguru and Mallikarjuna Mansur are all K... Read >
Author: Jennie

Advantages of Learning English in UK

11th September 2008
English is the only language that is spoken or is understood in almost all the countries of the world. Not only is it the commonest and most popular language the world over that transcends geographical and cultural barriers, but it is also one of the swee... Read >
Author: jitu66

Islamic Paintings, Islamic Art : Paintingsgifts4u

01st March 2007
Islamic paintings of holy places and the islamic calligraphy of the holy verses have always been very sacred for the muslims. However, In islam, there are certain limitations regarding the creation of paintings. Islam prohibits the depiction of humans, an... Read >
Author: Saim


04th October 2006
India has a long and rich tradition in theatre going back to at least 5000 years. According to legend the very first play was performed in the heaven when the gods, having defeated the demons, enacted their victory. The origin of Indian theatre is closely... Read >
Author: Geodon
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