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Benefits Of A Clear Bra

13th August 2012
The first thing I wanted to talk about is what I did when I first bought my 09 Maxima. This is a great car that I wanted to start out of the gate the right way. One of the big problems with driving in Southern California and from what I hear Florida as we... Read >
Author: Allanst

Great Plains Report Writer Printing Logo Based on the Company

09th August 2010
If you have multiple companies in Great Plains Dynamics or Microsoft Dynamics GP, there might be the need to print invoices in each company with company specific graphical logo. As you might be aware, Dynamics GP SOP Invoice has three forms to print: Blan... Read >
Author: akarasev

Great Plains Dynamics Report Writer Technical Notes

13th May 2010
Microsoft Dynamics GP Corporate ERP formerly was known as Great Plains Dynamics, eEnteprise. And Great Plains was designed on the architectural platform, known as Great Plains Dexterity. ReportWriter is and was scaled down version of Dexterity, where you ... Read >
Author: akarasev

SQL Database Corruption If You Shrink The Database When It Is Use

22nd March 2010
In MS SQL Server, you can shrink tempdb database to a size smaller than last configuration of the database. There are various methods that you can use to remove the unused pages of the database and reduce its size. You can also shrink the individual files... Read >
Author: Naveen Kadian

Troubleshooting Error 1018 in Exchange Server

29th July 2008
Similar to other software, occurrence of the error messages is not an exception in the Exchange Server. Few of them are indicative of the database corruption while few of them just show a mere malfunction, fixable through the simple procedures. But those ... Read >
Author: Peter Paul
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